Teenager Girl Accused of Hacking Uber

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A teenager is said to have gained extensive access to Uber's internal systems by means of social engineering. An unknown person is said to have hacked the Uber transport service. According to a report by the New York Times, the intruder had extensive access to Uber's internal services. He posed as an 18-year-old teenager to the newspaper and shared screenshots of Uber's cloud storage, emails, and code repositories.

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"You pretty much have full access to Uber," said security researcher Sam Curry, who also corresponded with the intruder. "As it stands, this is a total compromise." An Uber spokesman said the company is currently investigating the breach and is contacting law enforcement.

On Thursday afternoon, Uber employees received the following message via the company's internal Slack: "I announce that I am a hacker and Uber has suffered a data breach". The message also listed several internal databases that the intruder claimed had been compromised.

An employee's account was said to have been misused to send the message. Shortly thereafter, Uber took the internal Slack system offline. A number of other internal services are also no longer accessible to Uber employees.

Social engineering attack

The person posing as the attacker told the New York Times that they sent a text message to an Uber employee posing as the company's IT employee. Then she persuaded the employee to pass on his password. With this, the attacker was able to access Uber's internal systems. The attack technique is called social engineering and is often underestimated.

The attacker is said to have subsequently had access to the source code of Uber software, emails, and other internal systems. "It looks like this is a kid who got on Uber and doesn't know what to do with it and is having the time of his life," Curry said. The intruder justified his attack with weak security at Uber and in the Slack message he circulated demanding better pay for Uber drivers.

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