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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Wants To Put Thousands of Migrants To Work In New York City

Abdul Ghani

Eric Adams wants to immediately grant working papers to nearly 10,000 southern border migrants to fill the desperate demand for workers in the city. Migrants who want to work have to apply for employment authorization with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. But Adams did not make it clear whether they will favor city jobs or the private sector. According to NYPost.
Mayor New York, Eric Adams.Image by Wikimedia Creative Commons

“It is important that we look at the employment as it's our responsibility. We are telling migrants and asylum seekers, ‘You can come to the city but for six months you cannot work.’ What, really? Six months you cannot work,” said Eric Adams to Jen Judson, president of the National Press Club.

To Solve Unemployment

Right now the unemployment rate is above 6%, but the NYC authorities are struggling to convince workers to come back to the offices as remote working was favored by employers during the pandemic. The Mayor himself is struggling to convince city employees.

“The strange thing is, particularly in New York City and across the united state, there is a high demand for employees. Many of my industries are dying to get skilled employees,” said Erick Adams, Mayor NYC.

Since May 2022, an estimated ten thousand migrants from the southern border arrive in NYC seeking employment, According to City Hall's recent figures. Buses of migrant employment seekers are arriving on daily basis, caring for hundreds of workers. The city authorities are then sheltering them in emergency shelters, emergency camps, hospitals, or with family members.

The hope to provide employment is not over, NYC needs workers, nurses, bus drivers, and other workers now more than ever before. The Authorities and Mayor Erick Aaredams are hopeful to solve the issue as soon as possible.

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