American Airlines To Buy Supersonic Aircraft From Boom Supersonic

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The world's largest airline has ordered 20 supersonic aircraft from Boom Supersonic. Overture should be in regular use by the end of the decade. Passenger flights with supersonic aircraft are coming back: In the USA, the second major airline has ordered supersonic aircraft from the aviation company Boom Supersonic.
Overture supersonic aircraft: across the Atlantic in 3.5 hours.Image by Boom Supersonic Creative Commons

American Airlines has ordered 20 Overture aircraft, according to Boom Supersonic. In addition, the airline has secured an option for 40 more supersonic aircraft.

Supersonic flights are an important future offering for customers, said Derek Kerr, the airline's chief financial officer. Boom Supersonic did not provide any information about the price. However, the company announced that American Airlines had paid a non-refundable deposit for the 20 machines.

Overture manages almost 8,000 kilometers

Overture is approximately 61 meters long with delta wings measuring 32 meters in span. The plane will seat 65 to 80 passengers. The range should be almost 7,900 kilometers.

Overture's cruising speed is said to be Mach 1.7. A flight from New York to London should then only take 3.5 hours, from Seattle to Tokyo 4.5 hours. Boom only wants to use climate-neutral kerosene, also known as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

However, American Airlines has ordered a plane that doesn't exist yet: Last month, Boom Supersonic unveiled the final design of the plane. The first aircraft should be ready in 2025. The maiden flight is scheduled for 2026. Overture is scheduled to fly with passengers on board for the first time in 2029.

Boom's prototype is scheduled to fly in 2022

Boom's XB-1 experimental aircraft is expected to fly for the first time this year. With this prototype, Boom wants to gain experience in the construction of the Overture.

American Airlines isn't the only airline looking to return to supersonic passenger service two decades after Concorde collapsed. Competitor United Airlines also wants supersonic aircraft. The first orders came in after the presentation a few years ago.

For several years, some companies and the US aeronautics and space agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have been working on developing supersonic commercial aircraft. An important point here is the noise: Because of the sonic boom, the Concorde was ultimately only allowed to fly over the Atlantic at supersonic speeds. The US Federal Aviation Administration and subsequently the authorities of other countries had banned supersonic flights over land because of the noise pollution. The aircraft developers are therefore working on techniques to reduce the noise.

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