Chinese Researchers Create Record Magnetic Field

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With a hybrid magnet, a team in China has surpassed a record from the USA for the strongest stable magnetic field. New record after more than 20 years: The strongest stable magnetic field to date was generated in China. The previous record was held by a research facility in the United States.
The hybrid magnet of the SHMFF is the second 40 Tesla magnet in the world.Image by SHMFF/Public Domain

The hybrid magnet of the Steady High Magnetic Field Facility (SHMFF) generated a stable magnetic field with a strength of 45.22 Tesla on Aug. 12, the Hefei Institute of Physical Science (HFIPS) in southeast China's Anhui Province said. For comparison: the earth's magnetic field has a strength of about 30 microteslas at the equator.

The previous record holder was a hybrid magnet from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab) at Florida State University in Tallahassee. In 1999 he generated a stable magnetic field of 45 Tesla. The MagLab holds the record for the strongest magnetic field at all with 45.5 Tesla, but that was short-lived.

A bitter magnet sits in a superconducting ring

The magnet is a hybrid magnet consisting of two different parts: a superconducting ring on the outside, in which there is a hole with a diameter of 32 millimeters, and a Bitter electromagnet inside. Such a magnet does not consist of coils but of round, conductive plates stacked with non-conductive plates. The combination of both systems enables a strong magnetic field.

In order to generate the magnetic field, the hybrid magnet consumed 26.9 megawatts of power. This makes it more efficient than that of the MagLab, which required output of 30 megawatts for the 45 Tesla field.

The SHMFF team built the hybrid magnet back in 2016 and used it to generate a 40 Tesla magnetic field. It was the second 40 Tesla magnet in the world. Since then, the magnet has been continuously improved.

"In order to achieve stronger magnetic fields, we renewed the structure of the magnet and developed new materials," said Kuang Guangli, director of the High Magnetic Field Laboratory, to which the SHMFF belongs. "The manufacturing process for the bitter slices has also been optimized."

According to Kuang's team, the magnetic field is used for scientific applications.

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