Russia Unveils Concept For Its Own Space Station

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Roskosmos has revealed the design of its own space station, with construction set to begin in the second half of the decade. A separate station for cosmonauts: Roskosmos has presented the model of a space station that the Russian space agency plans to launch into space in the second half of this decade.
Model of the Russian space station Ross: better view of the earth.Image by Maxim Shemetov/Reuters/Creative Commons

The British news agency Reuters reports that Roskosmos presented the station's design at a military fair. The Russian state media would have referred to her as Ross.

The station will consist of six modules that will be put into operation in two stages. At the start, the station will consist of four modules. Two more will be added later.

The station is not permanently manned

Up to four cosmonauts will live on the station. There is also space for scientific equipment. Unlike the International Space Station (ISS), the Russian station will not be permanently manned.

The concept envisages that a crew will be on board twice a year for a longer period of time. According to Roskosmos, the cosmonauts should be able to see a larger section of the earth than from their module on the ISS.

When its own station is in space, Russia is expected to withdraw from the operation of the ISS. In July, Yuri Borissov, the new head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, announced that Russia would no longer participate in the operations of the ISS after 2024.

NASA on Russian Space Station Concept

The US space agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) then announced that it had no notification of a Russian exit from the ISS. A few days later, NASA reported that Russia wanted to stay on the ISS until its own space station was ready for launch.

The first part of the station is scheduled to be launched in 2025 or 2026, but no later than 2030. The start of the second part is to follow between 2030 and 2035.

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