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US Space Force Sends Robot Dogs To Patrol Ports And Space Stations

Abdul Ghani

The US Space Force will send a dog-like robot from Ghost Robotics to patrol ports and space stations to reduce personnel costs. In the future, robot dogs will be used automatically for security services on the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station site. According to the US Department of Defense, this should save considerable costs that would otherwise be incurred by human security guards.
Two Vision 60 by Ghost Robots in FLorida, America.Image by US Space Force - Senior Airman Samuel Becker/Creative Commons

Ghost Robotics' electric quadruped Q-UGV Vision 60 is used for damage assessment and patrols. According to a report by, the robots are equipped with microphones and cameras and can also be controlled by hand. Even a loudspeaker should be installed.

The robot weighs 51 kg and has a top speed of 3 meters per second. The maximum range of the battery-powered device is around 10 km. The manufacturer states that the maximum permissible payload is around 10 kg.

The US Air Force first deployed the artificial guard dogs at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida in 2020 and is also using them at other air bases. At the time, Major Jordan Criss shared, "We will be able to see exactly what the robotic dog is recognizing through its mobile camera and sensor platform". "If desired, we can also give verbal commands to one or more people via a walkie-talkie attached to the dogs."

The robots could also serve as a miniaturized communication platform equipped with antennas to quickly expand networks beyond existing infrastructure or in places where there is no such infrastructure, the manufacturer said.

The dog-like robots from Ghost Robotics are not armed.

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