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Tesla Involved In a Fatal Motorcycle Accident While Using Autopilot In Utah

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In the United States, a motorcyclist has died as a result of an accident with a Tesla that had activated the autopilot assistant. A motorcyclist has been fatally injured after being hit from behind by a Tesla near Salt Lake City, Utah. The Harley driver was thrown from his machine as a result of the impact. The Tesla driver was not physically injured, the Highway Patrol said in its accident report.

The Tesla driver told the police that he activated the Autopilot assistance system before the fatal accident occurred. More detailed analyzes as to why the system overlooked the motorcyclist are not yet available.

Accidents with Teslas under special observation

In April there was a fatal traffic accident with a Tesla, which was also initially attributed to the autopilot, but this was not tenable. The accident involving a Model S with two fatalities in Texas can no longer be fully explained because a subsequent fire destroyed memory modules, the US traffic safety authority NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) announced at the time.

In May 2021, the 35-year-old driver of a Tesla Model 3 died in California when his vehicle struck a truck. The truck was on the road due to an accident. The truck driver and an assistant were injured. The autopilot is said to have been activated here.

The US road traffic safety authority National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) lists these accidents with activated level 2 driver assistance systems in a database in which around 400 accidents are listed for June 2022. Just over half concern Tesla vehicles.

Since mid-February 2022, the authority has been particularly concerned with Tesla's Autopilot assistance system. The reason was unexpected and reasonless braking maneuvers. This behavior is also known as phantom braking.

Regarding complaints to the agency, drivers said the vehicle brakes unexpectedly at highway speeds while using Autopilot features, including adaptive cruise control. This can occur without warning, randomly, and repeatedly in a single driving cycle.

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