Hacker Wants To Sell 5.4 Million Twitter Data

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The hacker wants $30,000 for the user information. An old gap is exploited. There is probably already interest in buying it. A hacker with the alias Devil sells Twitter account data from 5.4 million accounts that surf the social network on an online marketplace. The actor wants a total of 30,000 US dollars for the data. There are probably already interested parties, as the magazine Bleepingcomputer found out in a conversation with the person. The hacked data comes from various people, companies, and also celebrities.

Twitter should stop data leaks. Otherwise there could still be a "shitstorm".Image by Marco Verch Professional Photographer From Flickr

He used a bug that had existed for some time that could be exploited in Twitter's Android app. "The gap allows any party to get Twitter IDs of any user without any authentication. All you have to do is hand over a phone number or email, " wrote hacker Zhirinovskiy in a forum post seven months ago. This also works if the function has been explicitly deactivated in the data protection settings.

The attack has been known for a long time

Devil, who says he is not connected to the discoverer Zhirinovsky, exploited this vulnerability to obtain millions of account IDs. He was then able to automatically collect further data about the corresponding persons, which is generally publicly accessible. Personality profiles generated in this way can then be used in further attacks, such as phishing or spam.

The attack is reminiscent of the Facebook data leak in April 2021. 533 million account data were collected there, mostly with information that is not actually publicly available. A tool was developed that can use the method mentioned to collect 5 million e-mail addresses every day.

Twitter has already officially confirmed that the 5.4 million records actually come from the platform. Bleepingcomputer was able to verify their authenticity in random samples. At least the sample published by Devil appears to be legit.

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