Huawei Accused of Monitoring Missile Silos From The US Military

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Huawei mobile technology is said to derive information on military bases and missile silos from the USA. But the network operators would recognize this, according to experts. In the United States, the Department of Commerce is investigating Huawei because its cellular technology could collect information about military bases and missile silos and forward it to China. The Reuters news agency reports, citing two people familiar with the matter. The investigation was opened shortly after Joe Biden took office at the beginning of last year, but has not yet been made public.
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The authority summoned Huawei in April 2021 and asked what mobile antennas from smartphones could capture and pass on to China and whether this included messages and geolocation data, according to the ten-page document available to Reuters. Huawei is legally bound to secrecy because of the legal subpoena from the US authorities. The allegations are based on theoretical and technical considerations, according to which any equipment that transmits and receives could in principle be repurposed, reports from security circles.

However, suppliers do not operate the networks themselves. According to information from the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) from March 2021, companies such as Huawei, ZTE, Nokia, and Ericsson could in principle provide vulnerabilities that are suitable for impairing the confidentiality, but also the availability and integrity of a communication network. But that "could be very likely" to be both proven and attributed. According to the CCC, the economic consequences for the manufacturer would be fatal.

Chaos Computer Club: Network operators would recognize access

The integrity of the network could be impaired by redirecting connections, but this would require "broadband access to the manipulated target network". The network operator can recognize and prevent this access, "because relevant parts of the critical communication infrastructure are not administratively accessible over the Internet," explain the experts from the CCC.

In addition, Huawei has been de facto excluded from the market for mobile networks and Internet service providers in the USA since 2012. Only smaller regional US network operators were not included. That changed with Donald Trump’s presidential decree, which the US Senate approved in February 2020 as the Rip and Replace Act. Since then, all Huawei and ZTE equipment has been removed from the networks.

For years, the United States has accused Huawei of installing backdoors for the Chinese secret service in its cellphone equipment, which Huawei denies. Huawei says no Chinese law can force the network equipment supplier to spy on its customers. The US government has never provided any evidence to support the allegations. In fact, according to experts, the United States wanted to curb and prevent Huawei's growing technical lead.

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