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Tesla Sued For Alleged Racial Abuse

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Former Tesla factory workers say, colleagues, managers, and HR have racially abused them. Automaker Tesla is facing another lawsuit alleging racism in the workplace. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a number of former employees at the Fremont, California, factory have sued the company for racism and harassment.

Accordingly, those affected are said to have been insulted and harassed at work by colleagues, among other things, with sayings and graffiti. Tesla's superiors and other managers were aware of the problems, but nothing was done.

When the complaint was filed, it was unknown to what extent the plaintiffs, or any of them, had signed any arbitration agreements. These could interfere with going to court.

Supervisors are also said to have racially insulted

According to the plaintiffs, the racist insults are said not only to have come from colleagues but also from department heads, other superiors, and even employees from the human resources department. According to those affected, they were exposed to racism on a daily basis.

According to CNET, there are more lawsuits against Tesla over racial slurs in the workplace. The factory in Fremont, California is also said to have been the scene.

In December 2021, former employee Owen Diaz was awarded $137 million in non-pecuniary damages. The fine was later reduced to $15 million, which Diaz refused. On June 27, 2022, the Diaz case was returned to court for a retrial.

Also in December 2021, six women sued Tesla for sexual harassment, also said to have taken place at the Fremont factory. Both CNET and the San Francisco Chronicle received no comment from Tesla on the allegations. The carmaker dissolved its press department in 2020.

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