The First Images of The Orcs In The Rings of Power

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Fewer battle scars, fewer wrinkles, more effect: the Orcs in The Rings of Power look different. For the first time, there are also Orc women. The team behind the upcoming fantasy series Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has revealed more details about an essential part of the story: the Orcs. In an interview with IGN, experts Jamie Wilson (Head of Mask) and Lindsey Weber (Executive Producer) confirm that the Orcs in the second age - the scenario in the series - are different from the armies of Sauron.
The orcs in the new series look different than the orcs in The Lord of the Rings.Image by Matt Grace/Prime Video Creative Commons

"When we meet them, they are not yet organized into armies, they are a little more spread out, and they are looting and gathering. So it is just a different time in their comprehensive history." Accordingly, the Orcs look a little different in the upcoming Amazon series. IGN has published the first pictures of them.

Their clothing consists of scraps of leather, bones, and scraps of cloth instead of helmets and armor. Not many left, nearly wiped out in the great battle with the Dark Lord Morgoth. Now they fight for survival in The Rings of Power.

Female Orcs and practical mask

However, the series remains true to Peter Jackson's model: Orcs are brought to life mainly through practical effects, costumes, and masks. The masks are mainly made of cast silicone, which is supposed to look more realistic than the foam latex used at the time of the First Lord of the Rings trilogy. In addition, the creatures in the series are polished with computer effects to appear even more realistic.

For the first time in the Lord of the Rings film history, female Orcs are also to be seen, playing a more significant role. Overall, the new Orcs gradually migrating from dark caves to the daylight should look younger and less battle-scarred. "They are not as dark-skinned, necessarily not as muscular, and not as battle-hardened as we have seen in previous productions," Wilson said.

The orcs, elves, dwarves, and men will appear in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power from September 2022. The series will air on Amazon Prime Video. The production is designed for about 50 hours of video material for a budget of one billion US dollars. So there should not be a lack of money.

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