Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Can Be Extradited To The US

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The British Home Office has confirmed that the founder of Wikileaks can be extradited to the USA. Supporters are outraged. On June 17, 2022, British Home Secretary Priti Patel decided that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange could be extradited to the United States. This is reported by the media unanimously. He is to be tried there for allegations of espionage. Among other things, because of his publication called Collateral Murder on war crimes by the United States in Iraq, he faces 175 years in prison.
Julian Assange when he was arrested in April 2019.REUTERS/Henry Nicholls Creative Commons

Assange can appeal this decision to the London High Court. However, the court must agree to a challenge, reports Reuters. If the appeal is denied, Assange must be extradited to the US within 28 days.

CCC outraged by 'stunning' decision

Constanze Kurz, the spokeswoman for the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), told that "the British government's ignorance of all the requests [...] was breathtaking". "The extradition and this unlawful imposition on all journalists and their sources" must be ended.

The spokeswoman for the hacker organization also said that the British government "[is] [surpassed] only by a US government that appears to be intentionally trampling on the freedom of the press". She also sees Germany as having a duty: "This farce must end, and German Foreign Minister Baerbock should finally do her bit." Before taking office, Baerbock called for Assange to be released, but has not acted accordingly publicly so far.

Journalists' association "shocked by the decision"

According to a press release, the German Journalists Association (DJV) is "shocked by the decision of British Home Secretary Priti Patel". In doing so, Patel "defended all international appeals for the release of Julian Assange".

DJV national chairman Frank Überall called on the United States to drop the charges against Assange: "Wikileaks has uncovered and made public war crimes committed by the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq, about which the victims, survivors, and the entire world need clarity." Everywhere expressed his solidarity with Assange.

Patel's decision brings a year-long legal battle over Assange's extradition to a close. In March 2022, Assange failed an extradition appeal to the Supreme Court in London. The reason given was that there were insufficient legal grounds for the application.

As recently as May 2022, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Dunja Mijatović called on Patel not to extradite Assange. Mijatović saw human rights and freedom of the press in danger. Deportation raises "serious questions with regard to the protection of people who disclose classified information in the public interest and thus expose human rights violations".

Espionage allegations for publication of Collateral Murder

The Wikileaks founder is accused of having stolen and published secret material from US military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan together with whistleblower Chelsea Manning, thereby endangering the lives of US informants. The recordings were released by Wikileaks under the name Collateral Murder.

Julian Assange was in the asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London from 2012 to 2019. Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno stripped Assange of his right to the asylum after allegedly violating agreements. According to Moreno, Assange interfered too much in relations with other states. Shortly after the right of asylum was withdrawn, the British police arrested Assange in the embassy. The 50-year-old has been held at Belmarsh High-Security Prison in London for more than three years.

His supporters see Assange as an investigative journalist who brought war crimes to light and who should now be made an example of. Demonstrations and rallies around the world repeatedly drew attention to his case.

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