SpaceX Employees Write An Open Letter To Executives About Elon Musk's Behavior

Abdul Ghani

In an open letter, SpaceX employees demand that Elon Musk's behavior should no longer be tolerated and should have consequences. An open letter to the company's management has surfaced in an internal chat group at SpaceX. In the letter, the space company employees complained about CEO Elon Musk's behavior, especially his comments on Twitter, as The Verge writes. The magazine has the letter.

"Elon's public behavior is often a distraction and embarrassing for us," the letter's authors wrote. "As our CEO and most prominent spokesperson, Elon is seen as the face of SpaceX - each of his tweets is a de facto corporate statement." Elon Musk keeps causing a stir with tweets that he doesn't shy away from insults.

Recently, there was also an allegation of sexual harassment against Musk. He is said to have offered the flight attendant of a company jet money for sex. The case was resolved out of court, and SpaceX is said to have paid the woman $250,000 in compensation. Musk denies the allegations.

Authors should represent a wide range of employees

The authors of the letter, who say they come from a wide range of genders, ethnicities, and ages, complain that Musk's behavior contradicts the company culture. "SpaceX's current corporate culture does not live up to its standards: many employees experience the often-cited 'no asshole rule, and the zero-tolerance policy is applied unequally." Managers like Musk appear to be exempt from consequences.

SpaceX employees are asked to sign the open letter. It is currently not known how many signatures have already been collected. Whether the letter will have consequences remains to be seen.

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