SpaceX Is Allowed To Launch Starship In Texas

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After months of negotiations and investigations, SpaceX has received clearance for launches from Boca Chica - with many conditions. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued SpaceX with a conditional clearance for launches of the Starship in Boca Chica, Texas. The certification was the key missing step to a takeoff license that became part of a political power struggle. SpaceX had previously made a number of changes to the original plans for the launch facilities. In addition, SpaceX will limit itself to a maximum of 5 suborbital flights for the Starship and 5 orbital flights for the Super Heavy per year. All other flights must depart from Florida.
For months it was questionable whether the Starship would be allowed to start again in Texas.Image by SpaceX Creative Commons

Contrary to what was initially planned, no water desalination and gas treatment plant will be built. Plans for a liquefaction plant were also canceled, making the power plant required for this superfluous. Instead, water and liquid gas are to be delivered by truck. The Starship's new Raptor-2 engines should also be able to operate without specially cleaned natural gas.

Breeding areas and monuments must be protected

The necessary measures include a number of environmental protection measures. The beaches and wetlands will be cleaned quarterly and a number of measures will be taken to protect the sea turtle breeding grounds. SpaceX has also been mandated to restore and protect a number of historical monuments and to educate the public about what happened locally during the US War with Mexico and the US Civil War.

Road closures will also be limited to protect residents. Lockdowns are only allowed five weekends per year, excluding long weekends and Thanksgiving. A detailed list of the necessary measures can be found in a 40-page document.

This lays the foundation for the necessary test program for an American moon landing as part of the Artemis program, which, however, is not expected before 2025.

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