NHTSA Expands Tesla Autopilot Investigation

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After collisions with parked emergency vehicles, the US traffic authority has initiated the next level of investigation into Tesla's autopilot. After a series of accidents, the US Transportation Administration NHTSA has expanded its investigation into Tesla's Autopilot. In some cases, the driver assistance system is said to have steered the cars into police and fire brigade emergency vehicles parked on the side of the road.

NHTSA launched a technical analysis to evaluate additional data.

In NHTSA parlance, technical analysis is a step prior to a possible recall. Alternatively, the agency can complete its investigation and decide that no recall is necessary.

According to the publicly available documents, there are 830,000 Teslas of all model series from 2014 to 2022 that could be affected by the error. The NHTSA also wants to check whether the switch on autopilot means that the driver is at greater risk than without the system.

Tesla states that drivers must be ready to hand at all times and keep their hands on the wheel. But the question is how quickly they have to take control again when the system gets stuck.

The rear-end collisions involved collisions with fire and police vehicles with their blue lights on. A software update should solve the problem, it said last year. In February 2022, NHTSA made inquiries about phantom braking performed by Teslas for no apparent reason.

The cars seem to mistakenly recognize objects on the road and try to avoid a supposed collision by braking. This is a problem, especially for the following traffic, if a sufficient safety distance is not maintained.

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