Elon Musk Clarifies That Tesla Will Continue Hiring Hourly Workers And 10% Layoffs Are For Salaried Workers

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In another email, Tesla CEO Elon Musk explains his termination plans: Hourly wage earners in the factories should not be affected. Elon Musk revealed details in another email after his announcement that he would lay off ten percent of the Tesla workforce. Accordingly, the ten percent reduction in employees should not relate to "hourly wage earners". Electrek reports that Musk is said to have made it clear in the email that the layoffs will not affect the employees who assemble Tesla's products.

The layoffs "do not affect those who actually assemble cars and batteries or install solar roofs," Musk wrote in his second email sent to all employees. The first e-mail, on the other hand, only went to managers. According to Musk, Tesla even plans to increase the number of employees on an hourly wage basis, apparently in the factories.

Consistent with this explanation, Tesla had over 5,000 job openings at the time the layoffs were announced. These mostly relate to jobs in the Tesla factories, including the Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin.

Reason for the layoffs: "super bad feeling"

In his first email, Musk stated that the reason for the layoffs was that he had a "super bad feeling" about the economy. Tesla currently has around 100,000 employees worldwide. According to Musk, the company is overstaffed in some places - the CEO did not reveal exact details of what he means by that.

The second e-mail can definitely be interpreted as a kind of backtracking. In the first message to the executives, Musk had spoken of a global hiring freeze. It was not apparent that these should not be about the employees in the factories.

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