Russia Bans 963 Americans From Entering Country Including President Joe Biden

Abdul Ghani

(Moscow) The list of 963 Americans includes President Joe Biden and other officials, except for ex-president Donald J. Trump. On Saturday, the Russian Foreign Ministry released a list of 963 American officials and government members from entering the country, taking a further step on previously announced moves against Joe Biden and other senior officials. According to a report published by The Guardian.
US PresidentJoe Biden.Image by Manhhai From Flikr

The blocklist of 963 US officials was formed in response to constant anti-Russian sanctions and threatening the Russian government against the invasion of Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry also announced on Saturday that they permanently banned 26 Canadian officials from entering Russia at all costs.

The Russian ministry says they may add more people to the list if they constantly spread Russophobia, and those who serve them will also be banned from entering the Russian Federation. The Ministry also said that it does not apply to ordinary American citizens “who we have always respected.”

The list of 963 banned American officials was published on the Russian Ministry website. The Russian ministry also said that they do not seek confrontation and are always open to dialog.

Russia Also Cuts Off Gas To Finland

In response to the constant actions by the US and the spreading of Russophobia, Russia cut the gas exports to Finland since Finland was supporting the US sanctions. On May 15, Finland announced to Join NATO, which weakened the Russian anti-NATO plans; in response, the Russian govt cut off the gas to Finland and stopped trading goods.

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