Tesla Model Y on Autopilot Mode Crashed Into a Private Jet

Abdul Ghani

A Tesla Model Y is said to have crashed into the tail of a parked private jet through the remote control function.

Footage from a surveillance camera, uploaded to Reddit, shows a Tesla Model Y crashing into the tail of a parked plane, a Cirrus Vision Jet. How the car got onto the tarmac is unclear.

The Reddit post mentions that the vehicle was running in Smart Summon mode. Smart Summon mode allows the vehicle to be controlled from outside. To do this, the user uses the Tesla app on their smartphone, using the phone's GPS location as the target, as per Tesla's operations manual. The vehicle can avoid obstacles on the way and stop if necessary. Tesla calls the mode beta: The function was developed exclusively for parking lots and driveways on private property, according to the company.

The owner's manual also specifically mentions that the Tesla "may not recognize all objects (especially very flat objects like some curbs or very high objects like e.g. boards)".

The tail of the aircraft naturally hovers above the ground, so the Tesla sensors apparently did not recognize it.

The incident appears to have happened at Felts Field (KSFF) near Spokane, Washington. The airport operator has not yet commented on this, reports the Motortrend website. Airport regulations require commercial operators to purchase US$1,000,000 in motor vehicle liability insurance, while private hangar tenants must purchase US$300,000 in motor vehicle liability insurance to enter the airfield.

How badly the jet was damaged cannot be seen from the video. The plane spun when it collided with the Tesla. The Cirrus Vision Jet costs around $2 million.

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