Obama on Fake News on Social Media: "People Are Dying."

Abdul Ghani

The former US President calls for more transparency from tech companies that operate social platforms. "People are dying because of misinformation," former US President Barack Obama said Thursday in a speech at a Stanford Cyber ​​Policy Center event, CNET reports.

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The former US President warned of the consequences of fake news circulating on social media. The platforms, he says, "amplify some of humanity's worst impulses."

As a concrete example of the effects, he cited vaccination skepticism during the pandemic. "Even though we know the vaccine has been clinically tested on billions of people worldwide, about one in five Americans is still willing to put themselves and their families at risk rather than get vaccinated."

Demand For Transparency

Obama asked the tech companies to provide more information about their algorithms. "These companies are still far too reticent about how their standards work or how their systems affect what goes viral and what doesn't," he said. Earning money and increasing your market share shouldn't be your only goal. "They need to solve the problem that they helped create in part and stand up for something bigger."

In his speech, he also addressed the employees of technology companies. "You can advocate for change, you can be part of this redesign - and if not, you can go to companies trying to do the right thing."

Threat To Democracy

Disinformation is "a threat to our democracy," citing unfounded conspiracy theories about voter fraud that fueled the deadly riot on Capitol Hill on January 6 and misleading videos from Russia about the war with Ukraine.

People like Vladimir Putin or former Trump adviser Steve Bannon would know that people don't need to believe this information. "You only have to ask enough questions, spread enough dirt, and create conspiracy theories that citizens no longer know what to believe."

The European Union agreed on the so-called Digital Services Act (DSA) on Saturday night to counteract this problem.

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