Mark Zuckerberg And Other CEOs Are No Longer Allowed To Enter Russia

Abdul Ghani

The Meta CEO has been put on a list of people banned from traveling to Russia until further notice.

Russia has classified Facebook and Instagram as " extremist " and banned them. Now there are also sanctions against the founder and CEO of parent company Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, and the CEO of Linkedin Ryan Roslansky along with journalists with profiles who the country claims are promoting a “Russiaphobic” agenda.
Mark Zuckerberg F8 2019 Keynote.Image by Wikimedia Creative Commons

According to TechCrunch, the State Department has released a list of US figures who will be indefinitely banned from entering Russia. This also includes the 37-year-old American entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg.

The list is another step taken by the Russian nation to target Western platforms that don't comply with Russia's information-sharing regulations and seek to restrict pro-Russian content. They are all pursuing a "Russophobic" agenda, according to the ministry of Russia.

Others Are Also Affected

In addition to journalists and high-ranking politicians such as US Vice President Kamala Harris, LinkedIn CEO Ryan Rolansky was also included in the list. The professional social media network has been blocked in Russia since 2016 and now Russia banned American CEOs, politicians, and journalists who were supporting Ukraine in the Russian Ukraine war.

Twitter is spared, although it also takes action against Russian propaganda. For example, messages related to Russian state media are marked with warnings. But still, the Russian Ministry is silent about this platform. The concerns of more American and British bans are floating. Russia had already banned the Prime Minister of British from entering Russia.

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