Humanoid Robot Tesla Optimus Planned For Production 2023

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At the opening of the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas, Elon Musk announced that he would be producing the human-like Optimus robot by 2023. Tesla's Optimus robot is said to be a humanoid, i.e. to resemble a human in shape, size, and movement. That is probably a more important invention than the car, said Elon Musk at the opening of the Gigafactory in Texas, where vehicles are to be built.
Tesla bot Optimus from 2021.Image by Tesla Creative Commons

Optimus should take on tasks that people don't want to do or that are too dangerous, Musk said. This included boring and repetitive tasks.

The robot will not be "Terminator stuff," said the Tesla boss, restrictively, referring to the science fiction films in which robots take over and fight against their developers. "He's going to turn our idea of ​​the economy upside down. Optimus will be able to do basically everything that people don't want to do," Musk explained, adding: "Optimus will bring an age of abundance. It may be hard to imagine, but when seeing how Optimus develops, then it will change the world to an even greater extent than the cars did."

Tesla's Optimus is not entirely new, because Musk had already presented the concept at AI Day in 2021. The machine should be about 1.77 meters tall and weigh around 60 kg, it was said at the time. Speech recognition is intended to recognize spoken commands.

Amazon has already presented a small robot for the household, but it is still intended for developers who are supposed to teach it meaningful activities. Astro is the name of the small rolling box on wheels, which shows a display with a kind of face on the front.

This is not a humanoid robot. The structure is more reminiscent of a tablet on wheels. Above the display is a video camera that can be extended electrically using a telescopic antenna. Amazon sees Astro's intended use primarily as a mobile surveillance camera and as a mobile video telephony solution.

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Tesla showed nothing of the Optimus prototype promised for 2022, which was announced at AI Day 2021, at the opening of the Gigafactory Texas. This also makes the planned start of production in 2023 appear somewhat implausible. After Musk's unfulfilled statements about the launch of the Cybertruck, the Tesla Semi, or even autonomous driving, he seems to be thinking in an alternative era anyway.

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