Ukraine Leaks 620 Alleged FSB Identities

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Among other things, the list of employees of the Russian secret service includes information on passports and SIM cards. Ukrainian military intelligence on Monday released a list of suspected Russian intelligence operatives. In the data set, 620 identities of spies from the Russian domestic secret service FSB are said to be named. They contain information about birthdays, passports, SIM cards, or cars. According to Euractiv, Russian authorities have not yet commented on the list. The data have not yet been independently verified.
FSB headquarters in MoscowImage From Pixabay

Such publication of personal data on the Internet is called Doxxing and is not the first. Other soldiers' names and addresses were previously published on the same government website. The intelligence service of Ukraine's Defense Ministry calls these soldiers war criminals and warns that anyone will be brought to justice. They do not publish exact details of the alleged crimes.

Psychological Warfare

Ukraine also uses facial recognition to search the social media profiles of dead Russian soldiers and then notifies their relatives. This action is psychological warfare and can be intimidating to the opposing army. So-called psyops (psychological operations) can be traced back to ancient times and are part of war tactics.

In addition, Ukrainian authorities have set up a chatbot that can be used to report Russian troops. With this form of crowdsourcing, they reach more than 200,000 users. Two weeks ago, the hacktivist collective Anonymous hacked the German branch of the Russian energy company Rosneft. According to their own statements, they caused a great deal of damage. Anti-censorship app Lantern is gaining traction in Russia.

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