Multi-Million Dollar NFT Sold For Pennies

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Due to a cryptocurrency unit mix-up, a seller received pennies for an NFT. Now he asks the buyer to return it. According to the Ethereum blockchain, an Etherrock NFT was recently sold for 444 Wei instead of 444 ETH. While 444 ETH is worth around 1 million USD, 1 ETH equals 1,000,000,000,000,000 Wei. Accordingly, the NFT was - apparently by mistake - offered and sold for a fraction of its value, as reported by Vice.
Whoever confuses Wei and Ether can become poor.Shutter_Speed/Pixabay

Etherrock is a four-year-old NFT collection of 100 rock cartoons based on clipart in different colors that have sold for millions of US dollars. Such an NFT has now been sold for a penny.

"With one click my entire ~$1 million fortune is gone. Any hope left?" wrote an NFT collector who goes by the name of Dino Dealer on Twitter. He claims the rock clipart is his and that a bot "shot" it. "Can snipers show mercy?" he asks on Twitter.

Also in Etherscan's comments section, Dino Dealer asks for the return of the NFT: "Can you return the Etherrock? I made a big mistake. Your bot grabbed it in the same block as my transaction, so I never had a chance. I hope you have a heart and show mercy please?" He then received a number of replies from scammers who offered him a refund if he called or emailed them on their Whatsapp number.

On Twitter, most users respond with disbelief or derision. As one user wrote, the good thing is that the person's entire fortune is no longer in a rock-JPEG.

Cologne Loses 500,00 Euros

Criminals are also repeatedly targeting NFTs or cryptocurrencies. In recent years, a variety of tricks and scams have been devised to trick cryptocurrency holders out of their coins.

For example, last year a man from Cologne lost €500,000 after falling for a tweet sent by scammers on behalf of Tesla founder Elon Musk. He sent his bitcoin to the wallet believed to be owned by Elon Musk in hopes of doubling his fortune. Instead, he lost all of his bitcoin.

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