Mark Zuckerberg Builds An Island Using Voice Commands

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Mark Zuckerberg presented a truly universal translation service and other innovations relating to the metaverse. The Meta founder and boss Mark Zuckerberg have presented several innovations from his research labs in a video. The main focus is on technologies related to artificial intelligence and the self-monitored learning that comes with it. Meta has been working on this for several years.
This Island was created by voice command by Mark Zuckerberg.Meta/Screenshot

A demonstration by Zuckerberg dealt with creating artificial environments in the metaverse. Using voice control, the CEO first created a park and then an island from scratch using a system called Builder Bot, gradually adding clouds, a wooden table, and other details.

This way of building worlds looks impressive at first glance. Whether it is technically much more complex to select a table than using the publicly available voice commands to select a record from the music collection can not really be assessed after the demo.

In the video, Zuckerberg attaches great importance to the fact that AI ​​is getting better and better at analyzing all kinds of environments from the user's perspective - meaning the view through VR glasses, for example.

As the second major innovation, the head of the company presented the work on translation programs. It is important to him to be able to translate even little-used languages ​​using self-learning systems. The goal is programs that can translate more or less all languages ​​in real-time.

Supercomputer for AI calculations

In January 2022, Meta introduced a supercomputer specializing in the calculation of AI algorithms with a theoretical computing power of almost 5 exaflops.

The system is to be used, among other things, for the training of large models for Natural Language Processing (NLP, i.e. computer linguistics) and for research on computer vision. The second construction phase should be completed by mid-2022, then the computer would be ready for the time being.

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