The US film industry has removed Widevine Dump from Github

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The Widevine Dump tool could be used to download films and series from Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney +.
Former United States Ambassador to France Charles Rivkin (Chairman And CEO of MPAA)Wikiwand

The US Motion Picture Association (MPAA) has had the Widevine Dump tools removed from Github. As it has only now become known, the MPAA wrote a letter to Github on December 31, 2021, advising that it would violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The letter published on Github indicates that Github, as the provider of the repositories, gave the Widevine Dump the opportunity to comment on it. It is not known what the answer was or if there was one.

According to Torrentfreak, both all repositories and the user account of Widevine Dump have been deleted. It is not known whether this deletion was carried out by Github or whether the user himself removed the data.

Hundreds of forks are no longer available on Github

After Widevine Dump's repositories were published, there were hundreds of forks of the code on Github. According to the torrent freak, these should no longer be available either. The MPAA had asked Github to remove these forks as well.

The MPAA reacted quickly to the appearance of the tools from Widevine Dump and contacted Github a few days later. According to an analysis by Torrentfreak, the code that appeared at the end of December 2021 is real. The tools can be used to bypass Digital Rights Management (DRM) to download content from Disney +, Netflix, or Prime Video.

Streaming subscription content protected with DRM

Content from streaming services such as Disney +, Netflix, or Prime Video is usually protected using digital rights management (DRM) to prevent unauthorized copies. This defines under which circumstances and with which devices the playback of a video is permitted. The vendor Widevine is a leader in this area and there is every indication that the vendor's code has been copied without permission.

The streaming providers provide download functions within their apps, but these downloads can then only be viewed within the app with a current subscription. Playback is not easily possible beyond the apps. Download functions are not available on all operating system platforms. They are available on smartphones and tablets, but usually not on streaming devices.

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