AWS Wants To Completely Rebuild Its Own Network Administration

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The cloud provider AWS is looking for developers for an ambitious project. It is not clear whether this is related to a serious failure.
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Amazon's cloud division AWS wants to "completely rethink" the network management of its own offering, according to a job advertisement discovered by Business Insider magazine. The company is looking for a person with a lot of experience to lead a new and above all ambitious project "of crucial importance for the growth of the AWS network and of Amazon as a whole". So a lot of responsibility.

AWS also writes, "Since this is a greenfield project that is just getting started, there are still many decisions to be made, not just about the software components that will be assigned to this role, but also about the entire customer experience ".

Although the specific details of the project are not yet clear, it is already clear that the AWS network is to be fundamentally revised. "You have the opportunity to help shape how one of the largest networks in the world will operate for at least the next decade," the ad said. According to the ad, the services of the control layer (control plane) in particular are to be newly created.

Outages with a big impact at AWS

Failures of individual components of the AWS cloud services occur again and again. However, if the central network components are also affected, this can have serious consequences, including worldwide. This became evident a few years ago in the botnet attack on DynDNS, which was also used by AWS at the time.

It was not until the beginning of December 2021 that one of the largest outages at AWS so far occurred, which had an impact on numerous services worldwide. The reason for this was probably too much internal traffic as well as too great an internal dependency on the US-East-1 region. A complete rebuild of the AWS network administration could probably avoid such problems in the future.

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