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A Racing car without a driver in an autonomous race in Las Vegas

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Team Polimove from Milan won the Indy Autonomous Challenge race. The researchers from the Technical University of Munich took second place and reached speeds of up to 270 km/h.
the Indy Autonomous Challenge race (USA)The Indy Autonomous Challenge race

At the Autonomous Challenge in Las Vegas, Team Polimove took first place with an AI-controlled racing car. Second place went to the team from the Technical University of Munich. The racing cars were not manned by human drivers; instead, a computer-controlled the vehicles with speeds of up to 270 km/h, which also carried out overtaking maneuvers.

"We are all extremely satisfied with the result," said Professor Markus Lienkamp, ​​holder of the Chair of Vehicle Technology. "In this race, we were able to show what our autonomous vehicle can do in interaction with other vehicles at such extremely high speeds. We have never driven as fast as we do today."

Five university teams competed against each other in the race. The Munich researchers declared the second place as follows: "First we approached the opposing vehicle and drove controlled overtaking maneuvers. Then we increased the speed bit by bit. However, this caused minor problems with the interaction of perception, movement planning, and control which, in total, led to the limit being exceeded and then ultimately brought the vehicle off track, " said team leader Phillip Karle.

The research from Munich will be made available as open-source, announced the university. In addition, the software company Driveblocks was spun off to enable commercial exploitation.

The team from the Technical University of Munich started the race as defending champions in Las Vegas. Because in October 2021, the teams had already met in Indianapolis: In the Indy Autonomous Challenge, however, only the highest driven speed counts. With an average speed of 218 km/h, the Munich researchers achieved victory and received one million US dollars in prize money. This time it was only $50,000.

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