Tesla Update Moves Wiper Settings To The Submenu

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With the V11 update, Tesla is changing the user interface of its cars. This annoys some because important functions are now more difficult to achieve.

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Shortly before New Year, Tesla released the V11 update. In addition to a light show that the vehicle lights can play when the vehicle is stationary, the user interface has also been changed. For example, the setting for the windscreen wipers has been moved to a submenu. After all, they can be set relatively quickly by clicking on the left lever. Then the wiper options appear on the screen, a reader informed us.

Other functions have also been moved to submenus, such as the function for saving the dashcam recordings. According to a report by the blog Teslarati, the automatic seat heating cannot be switched on when the air conditioning is switched off, which was previously possible and allowed to save the battery, according to Reddit. Furthermore, it should have become impossible to activate the heating of the rear window without running the air conditioning.

There have also been changes in other areas of the user interface that are more likely to have deteriorated: The button for changing the map orientation should be more difficult to reach. The energy consumption calculator is displayed on the entire screen surface, which makes the navigation disappear, and the window with messages has become smaller.

The user interface is also inconsistent in terms of the design of the icons and their arrangement. Icons for Tesla Arcade, Toybox, and the cinema mode are available, even if they cannot be used while driving.

The car's cameras can now be used live on the smartphone in guard mode via the app. In addition, in vehicles with AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alert System), you can speak to the environment with a distorted voice over the loudspeaker using an app.

Researchers at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City had already examined the infotainment systems in 30 vehicles on behalf of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in 2018. They had a group of test persons test the systems: they were asked to initiate a phone call, send a text message, set the radio and the navigation system while driving using voice control, the touchscreen, or other operating options.

The result is sobering: not a single one of the systems tested could be used with little attention, seven required moderate attention. The overwhelming majority strongly distracted the driver from the traffic: eleven systems need a lot of attention, twelve even a very high level of attention. The latter includes the Tesla Model S. Authorities and the ADAC warn against the risk of distraction for a long time.

The full release notes for the V11 update 2021.44.25.2 have been published by Not a Tesla App.

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