Boeing Employees Report Serious Deficiencies

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The US Senate has published a report on the situation at Boeing. According to several whistleblowers, the quality and safety deficiencies have not been remedied.
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The problems at Boeing do not stop: The US Senate has published a report according to which the aerospace company has a dangerous corporate culture. But Boeing is not the only one to blame for the problems.

The 97-page report of the responsible Senate committee is based on seven internal sources: three of them work for Boeing itself, one for the engine manufacturer General Electric (GE) Aviation, and finally three for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You criticize the corporate culture at Boeing, but also the lack of supervision by the FAA.

Martin Bickeböller, who comes from Germany, said, for example, that the corporate culture is not conducive to the necessary safety of aviation products. The top management does not take any responsibility for the effectiveness of the quality management. The engineer is responsible for quality control at the suppliers for the 787 Dreamliner.

Fast Is More Important Than Safe

The problems with the supply chain of the 787, it is said in the Senate report, citing Bickeböller, were "due to the deadline pressure and are therefore directly related to the current production issues for this aircraft". Employees had previously criticized that the 787 placed more emphasis on speed than on care and safety.

The safety deficiencies also affect the 737 Max: Two machines of this type crashed in October 2018 and March 2019. The cause was a bug in the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation Systems (MCAS), a flight control software. According to the report, Boeing employees had warned of the MCAS for years before the accidents.

The report also includes statements from former Boeing manager Ed Pierson, who had previously raised safety concerns. Pierson reported to the committee on 13 security incidents unrelated to MCAS.

There Were An Average of Two Incidents a Month

"Most shockingly, 11 of these 13 security incidents occurred in the five months between the Lion Air crash and the Ethiopian Airlines crash," said Pierson. "At a time when Boeing and the FAA should have had an extremely high level of safety awareness after the Lion Air crash, the Max continued to have an average of two safety incidents per month in the five months prior to the Ethiopian Airlines crash. "

Of "extreme pressure, intimidation and coercion", a former employee of GE Aviation, who oversaw the development of an engine for Boeing for the FAA reported. When problems and delays arose, his employer tried to limit his work.

The senators thanked the whistleblowers for their tips. Boeing, on the other hand, responded to a request from the news magazine Der Spiegel (Paywall) that safety and quality were "Boeing's top priority". The group takes internal information seriously and investigates it carefully.

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