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The common fallacy in both selling and infl uencing is that success demands you to forcefully or deftly push a product or idea. Inappropriate behaviors result from this misconception. People can become evasive, "pushy," and confrontational, or excessively talkative and accommodating, for example. It's all about getting the conduct right when it comes to selling and persuading, which means tempering openness and boldness with warmth and expertise.

When this is combined with a fantastic product or brand, client loyalty is greatly enhanced.

In reality

• Provide a consistent (and preferably "branded") experience to customers every time they interact with your company.

• Be clear about what you're delivering clients in terms of value.

• Offer new clients incentives to return and reorder.

• Reward customers for their loyalty.

• Be competitive—what you think is a good offer might not be for your competition.


Corporations can improve profits and establish a worldwide reach by selling a brand, a business plan, and experience to regional business owners without significantly raising risk.

In reality

• Maintain a positive, stable, and trusted reputation among customers by ensuring consistent delivery of high-quality service and product throughout all franchises.

• If new franchises are opened too close to existing ones, one of them may be "cannibalized" and lose business. Although this can be a beneficial business approach, the consequences must be considered.

• Allow franchises to be more self-sufficient, distinguishing them from passive investors or conglomerates.


Clients can be classified into "groups" based on their unique needs and preferences to improve sales efficiency; new customers can then be assessed and allocated to the appropriate group. The term "psychographic" refers to a combination of psychological and demographic classifications. This allows the company to respond to clients' individual requirements and preferences in a seamless and efficient manner.

In reality

• Get to know your customers. What do they want from your company and who are they? Customer feedback and surveys are also good sources of information for gathering this data.

• Create market segments. Based on their personality, demands, and other important variables, divide your consumers into distinct categories.


In reality,

• Reduce bureaucracy to improve your organization's transparency and openness.

• Identify key people around the company and schedule regular meetings to discuss ideas, address concerns, and strategize. Use these sessions to evaluate employees: who is the best at detecting problems and innovating, and who is the worst?

• Build a strong social network within your company that can be used to quickly share information and implement ideas. This may entail gathering representatives from various "departments" for meetings. Allow IT and marketing personnel, for example, to debate ideas together rather than holding separate sessions. This will offer them a better understanding of the company's overall difficulties.


Selling online is a quick, flexible, and extremely successful way to reach out to customers and boost revenue. Despite the fact that internet sales are expanding at an incredible rate, the first online sale in America occurred in 1994. What are the takeaways, and how can a company boost its online sales?

In reality

A few simple steps will boost your online sales.

• Encourage employee participation, ownership, and commitment in your company.

• Make sure your internet selling plan is all-encompassing and dynamic, changing over time and learning from past mistakes.

• Simplify the customer experience to expedite the sales process and remove impediments to purchase.

• Make sure your website is engaging and sticky. Customers must stay on your website (known as "stickiness") because your competitor is only a few clicks away, and you must assure that they return.

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