Next-Generation Business Engagement- Social Media Marketing


Next-Generation Business Engagement: Social Media Marketing.

In particular for media companies, social media has become a main tool for increasing fan engagement and directly driving lead creation through interaction and content sharing. Social Media Business Engagement dissects the tools and approaches, demonstrating how to apply social media to your company. Innovation is not a one-way roadway down which you must travel alone! Bring your consumers along for the ride and witness the difference. You and your consumers may plainly collaborate with social technology.

What makes social media so tempting is its ability to reach not just one customer at a time, but a large network of friends via the open graph. Businesses must learn to accomplish this or risk losing touch with their customers entirely. Social media marketing is a practical method for executives who want to use the power of social media to revolutionize their business and get ahead of the competition at a low cost.

Complex networks of friends, family, and peers now affect purchase decisions. Companies that thrive at identifying and engaging with their consumers' influencers throughout the Social Web will be the new market winners.

The direct empowerment and involvement of consumers and stakeholders are now more than ever entangled in the difficulties facing global enterprises and the people who manage them. The World Wide Web, which Sir Tim Berners-Lee describes as "an interactive sea of shared knowledge...made up of the things we and our friends have seen, heard, believed, or figured out," has hastened the shift to consumer-driven marketplaces substantially. Power has rested with those resources for millennia: first with land, then with capital, and most recently, with information.

Shared knowledge is emerging as the ultimate resource in a socially connected marketplace. Information wants to be free, and in these new markets it is: free of geographical restrictions, content censorship, and consumption restrictions.

On a large scale, social technologies connect individuals in ways that enable information sharing, decreasing the potential for market exploitation—whether by charging more than a competitor for otherwise identical goods and services or charging nothing at all for things that simply don't work. The common knowledge that powers the Social Web is the sunlight that shines in these new networked marketplaces, and sunlight is a potent disinfectant. By making knowledge abundant, the Social Web drastically levels the playing field, just as it levels businesses and organizations that function on the principles of making information scarce.

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