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WRIGHT COUNTY, MN – The Safe Community of Wright County (SCWC) has the campaign to achieve accident-free roadways throughout the city.

They encourage safer roads with 4 Es: education, enforcement, engineering, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

The county collaborates with various public health and public safety services providers throughout the County to deliver education, enforcement, and emergency services on roadways safety. As for the engineering part, they collaborate with the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Tracking back in 1997, the County’s citizens addressed the fatality rates and the number of crashes happening in Wright County. Ever since then, the community has come together to address the issue. Around 83 people are injured from road crashes daily in Minnesota. Last year, there were 368 deaths from vehicle crashes alone in Minnesota.

As the population grows every year, the number of motor vehicles is also rising. Since the number of cars is rising, the risk of having crashes on the road also increases. If the risk of having crashes increases every year, the fatality rate is likely to increase as well.

This has been the scenario that SCWC tries to mitigate. From SCWC’s standpoint, they cannot reduce the population. However, they surely can reduce the likelihood of them having fatal crashes on their roads.

SCWC wants the people of Wright County to be aware of the risk of having crashes on the road is not 0. However, you can minimize the risk simply by buckling up your seatbelt, driving within the speed limit, focusing on the road when you are driving, driving only when you are sober, and adhering to traffic laws.

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