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Minneapolis Rotary Club welcomes speaker Alexs Pate in 'Life, Art, and Innocence'

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Alexs Pate, President and CEO of Innocent Technologies and creator of the Innocent Classroom, is scheduled to speak at the Minneapolis Rotary Club on Friday, June 18.

Pate is a New York Times bestselling author. He has written five novels, one children’s book, a book of non-fiction, and has curated numerous literary anthologies.

This year, Pate also won the Kay Sexton Award for his contribution and leadership in Minnesota’s literary community. He recently published a book in August 2020 titled The Innocent Classroom: Dismantling Racial Bias to Support Students of Color.

Pate has experienced racial stereotypes that limit the realities of people of color throughout his career.

He wanted to create a world where people can live as their authentic humanity, uninhibited by the stories about whom they are supposed to be.

Pate’s Innocent Classroom understands the barriers that colored students experience in school. Therefore, he initiated a special class to neutralize the barriers these students experience to “reclaim the student’s innocence” that would guide them to make choices that will lead them to success.

His success at the Innocent Classroom has led him to develop the Innocent Classroom for Early Childhood Educators and Innocent Care training for health care professionals to build quick connections with their patients.

Through Pate’s vision, he aims to provide children a space to achieve their unlimited potential. He wanted people of color to have a free choice to live healthily and fully. Pate also wished that their humanity is prioritized and valued in the structures of society.

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