Man Uses Flashcards to Tell His Brother and Sister-In-Law They Can’t Come To His Wedding With Their 'Rainbow Baby'

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A man and his fiancée decided to have a child-free wedding, but not everyone is happy about it. Specifically, the groom-to-be's brother and wife kept insisting and pushing for their 3-year-old to be invited too. But when they refused to take no for an answer, the groom-to-be decided it was time to communicate his message in a surprisingly creative way.
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As the name implies, "child-free" weddings indicate a ban on having kids at either the ceremony, reception, or both. And sometimes, when the betrothed decides not to have little ones show up on their big day, it can escalate into a polarizing controversy, as evidenced in another story I covered last July.

More recently, though, one man took to Reddit to discuss his own family drama surrounding his and his fiancée's choice to have a child-free wedding. He said:

No hate towards children just to keep it more organized and contained.

Meanwhile, his brother and his wife have a 3-year-old son who everyone refers to as a "rainbow baby." If you're unfamiliar with the concept, a rainbow baby is an expression used to call a child born following a pregnancy loss. In other words, the rainbow is meant to symbolize light or beauty after a gloomy or dark period of time. So in the case of his brother and wife, their son was born after multiple pregnancy failures after several years of trying.

As you might imagine, when they learned their rainbow baby wasn't invited to the wedding, they tried to convince the couple to change their minds.

The author of the post described how his brother, Chris, reacted:

Chris told me his son is a miracle baby and his presence at the wedding will bring 'blessings' for me and my fiancee. I refused and said no, the wedding is childfree. His wife kept sending my fiancee pics of my nephew when he was months old (what that mean??). I told them no, and to stop.

But Chris didn't let the subject go, and he kept pushing his brother to make an exception by explaining that excluding his son would only cause conflict in their relationship. But his brother, the post's author, held his ground by repeatedly telling Chris that the wedding would be "childfree."

Eventually, one day, the couple with the rainbow baby visited the author at his house. Anticipating that Chris and his wife were going to bring up the subject of inviting their son to the wedding again, the author pre-made several flashcards that made up the following phrase:

the wedding is childfree, period

As predicted, the couple asked if their 3-year-old could attend the wedding. But when the groom-to-be showed the couple the cards, one by one, they were left speechless. And after displaying the cards, he asked if "they get it now?"

Chris lost his temper while his wife picked up her things and left the house. After some name-calling and arguing, Chris eventually left too. While the author's fiancée got a kick out of the spectacle, his parents didn't think their son was very funny and were extremely upset with him. He explained:

They're telling everyone about the amount of disrespect and mockery I had displayed towards them and I'm being told to "fix it" now.

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