Woman Bans Husband From Baby Shower and Birth of Second Child After He Was More Ecstatic About Having a Boy Than a Girl

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A couple in their twenties has a 3-year-old daughter. Now, the pair is expecting another child. At first, the ultrasound predicted they'd have another girl, and the husband was "happy." But a later test revealed they were actually going to have a boy, and the husband's reaction was far more enthusiastic. Consequently, his wife banned him from attending the baby shower and the child's birth. Recently, she turned to Reddit to recount her experience.

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You may have heard the saying about wanting only a healthy baby regardless of gender, but is it really true? Nevertheless, results from research involving gender preference in babies may challenge this assumption. In a nutshell, this study illustrates that women strongly desire daughters while men yearn for sons.

To that end, the author of the post is a 28-year-old mother who has a 3-year-old daughter with her 29-year-old husband. She reminisced about the time she was expecting her daughter and how when she informed her husband of the baby's gender, he was "happy."

Fast forward, and the couple is expecting another child. And during the initial ultrasound, the mother was informed that the pair was going to have another baby girl. She explained:

We're having another and when I had my ultrasound, I was told it was another girl, again my husband was Happy.

However, that initial test was incorrect after all. Even with an ultrasound to identify gender, Dr. Patricia Santiago-Munoz explains that there still exists a possibility of error. So when the mother shared her pregnancy news that they were having a baby boy instead, her husband was "freaked out" with joy.

In her own words:

His reaction to us having a boy was nothing like his either of his reactions to having a girl. He was actually jumping around and yelling, he immediately called all his friends and family, he kept hugging and swinging our daughter around telling her she's getting a brother.

She then challenged her husband about his lack of enthusiasm toward the prospect of having daughters. He bluntly replied:

cause I wanted a boy.

In the end, she got so mad at him that she told him that he was unwelcome to attend the baby shower. And on top of that, she also let him know that his presence was unwanted at the birth of their second child too.

Initially, the husband assumed his wife was joking. But as soon as he figured out she wasn't kidding around, he got angry, and they started bickering about it. Now, she's wondering if she was in the wrong for excluding him from the baby shower and birth because of his reaction to having a son.

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