Woman Raising Triplets Watches Them With a Baby Monitor While Taking Breaks Outside and Leaving Them Alone Inside

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With an immense amount of responsibility on her shoulders, a young mother raising triplets alone was desperately in need of a breather. She thought it would be okay to relax outside and watch them with the baby monitor, but her fiance and his family said it was not a good idea because it might be dangerous. She recently went to Reddit to explain her case.

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The author of the post has her hands full as a 20-year-old mother to triplets at just two months old. In order to properly take care of and provide for them, she had no choice but to switch over to an online format in terms of obtaining her education. And to combat feeling overwhelmed by this hectic lifestyle, she takes short breaks outside into some fresh air whenever necessary, especially when all three start crying simultaneously.

This woman, whose story is far from a solitary one - with roughly one-third of American mothers echoing her struggles - faces both anxiety and strain. She explained, "Sometimes I just need some fresh air especially when I can't get them to stop crying and I find myself getting super frustrated to the point of tears, it's honestly soo hard and the dad isn't here to help as he's either at work or at school."

Even though her 24-year-old fiance, the father of the triplets, is often away from home, she found a way to take some time for herself. That is, inspired by the baby monitor set up with a camera in their apartment, the mother felt confident she could go outside while still keeping tabs on her babies.

She deduced: "...when I step outside I'm literally just sitting on the chair right beside the door plus I have a baby monitor step up in their room and it has a camera on it I can literally see them and hear them so if anything happened I'd be able to quickly get to them."

While millions of adults in the United States suffer from panic disorder, and women being twice as likely to be affected as men, the mother of triplets shared that taking a few moments to step out of the house is essential for her sanity, as she starts to have "mini panic attacks" when the children don't stop crying. When feeling overwhelmed with frustration and despair, going outside gives her an opportunity to collect herself.

However, after her fiance came home one day to find the mom still outside while the infants cried out alone inside the apartment, he called her a "horrible mom" among other things. The fiance then reported this incident to his parents, who are now on board with him in their disapproval of her conduct.

Growing up in the foster system, this mother felt that her fiance's family was the closest thing she ever had to a real family. Now their disapproval of her has left her with an ache in her heart and doubts as to whether she should apologize for something they believe is wrong or trust herself and stand by what she thinks is right.

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