Husband Loses Cool After Wife Tells Mother-In-Law It Would Be Better if She Didn’t Visit During Christmas

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It's no secret that in-laws can be a source of stress for many marriages. While some couples easily get along with their in-laws, others find themselves constantly at odds. And, as you're about to read, in-law issues often arise when there is a breakdown in communication between the parties involved. When spouses don't take the time to communicate their needs and expectations, it can lead to misunderstandings and conflict.

According to Leonie Helm of Newsweek, the topic of family miscommunication was recently brought to the forefront in an online post from November 30, in which a woman requested that her mother-in-law refrains from visiting the family during Christmas.

"...socially awkward and strange..."

The author of the post reveals that her mother-in-law resides on the "other side of the country," so to visit during Christmas, she will be able to take the train on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, no trains are running after Christmas due to "rail strikes" in the area where the author lives, which implies that her mother-in-law would be stranded. The author pointed out this technicality to her husband, who didn't seem phased by it and said that was no problem.

She explained that her husband hasn't had a close relationship with his mother for many years; however, he has recently adopted a more open-minded stance and wants his mom to spend more time with their children. This resulted in the mother-in-law visiting recently for the weekend, but instead of hosting or entertaining her, the husband did nothing. The author was left hanging out on the couch with her uncomfortably, and she says this is because her mother-in-law is "socially awkward and strange." Even her own son doesn't want to spend time with his mother.

The author writes, "I was getting my head around hosting her for 3-5 days over Christmas, but I will definitely not get my head around having her here for an indefinite period." And since her husband was unwilling to tell his mother about the train situation because he "didn't want to upset her," she had to bear the brunt of being the messenger.

As a result, the author contacted her mother-in-law and informed her about the train issue. Surprisingly, her mother-in-law shared the same perspective. Nevertheless, in an unexpected turn of events, the husband loses his cool and refuses to speak with his wife because he believes she's being "controlling" and intentionally preventing his family from visiting them.

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