Woman Moves in With Her Sister-In-Law and Expects She Will Babysit Her Two-Year-Old Son Rather Than Go to the Gym

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It is not unusual for adult children to temporarily relocate back in with their parents at some time in their life. This might be because of financial difficulties, a need for emotional support, or repairs that need to be made to their house. However, as you are about to discover, new expectations and undefined limits may be put to the test among family members, which may result in tense situations and misunderstandings.

According to Alice Gibbs of Newsweek, the topic of family expectations was recently addressed in an online post from November 20, in which a woman received criticism from her sister-in-law because she chose to go to the gym rather than babysit her nephew.

The Sister-In-Law

The post's author is a 23-year-old woman living at home with her parents. Recently, her brother, his wife, and their kid, who is 2 years old, decided to move in with them temporarily while they were having work done on their home.

The author indicated that there are occasions when she is responsible for watching her 2-year-old nephew. However, in light of this, she acknowledged that she does not know a great deal about children nor how to care for them properly.

The author went on to mention that one of her routines involves getting up super early on the weekends to beat the crowds at the fitness center where she works out. Therefore, she woke up early one weekend morning and went to the gym as she normally would while no one else in her home was awake at the time. She explained, "At the gym, I leave my phone in the locker, so I don’t get distracted. I did my workout and went in the sauna for a while."

But as soon as she retrieved her phone from the locker, she discovered that her sister-in-law had bombarded her with a number of phone calls and messages wanting to know her whereabouts. Apparently, the sister-in-law was hunting her down because she had errands to take care of with her husband. The bottom line was that she needed someone to babysit the 2-year-old while she and her husband were gone.

On top of that, when she got home from the gym, the author was chewed out by her sister-in-law. She writes, "When I came home, she blew up on me for not checking they needed me before going to the gym [because] they had errands to run, and she missed her nail appointment."

Although the author does not believe it's fair in the grand scheme of things, she is nevertheless quite upset and "feeling terrible" about the whole situation.

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