Woman Tells People That Her Mom Got Her Fired From Her Job Then Asks Them to Give Her Money

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Many women find themselves drawn to their mothers at a young age, and the bond between mother and daughter is often described as one of the strongest and most precious relationships. Unfortunately, as you're about to discover, not everyone is so lucky because, for some women, the relationship between mother and daughter is plagued with friction and conflict.

According to Maria Azzurra Volpe of Newsweek, the topic of mother and daughter conflict was recently emphasized in an online post from November 14, in which a mom crossed a boundary that led to her daughter losing her job.

"I told her to please stop."

The author of the post is an eighteen-year-old woman who has just secured her first "real job" with the assistance of her father after graduating from high school. This new job entails working in a warehouse while simultaneously apprenticing as a "parts technician." However, her mother despises the idea of her daughter pursuing this line of employment and would much rather have her working in what she calls a "girly job."

According to the 18-year-old,  her mother would often phone her while she was at work. In addition to that, she would sometimes show up there without prior notice. The author explained, "I told her to please stop. That my boss didn't like her interruptions of my day."

Nevertheless, the mother would pause for a while and then continue her unwanted behavior again. But after some time passed, her daughter reached her breaking point with her incessant contact, so one day she snapped at her mother and asked her to leave her alone.

"My boss was done."

As a response, the mother logged onto Facebook and vented her frustration by writing a post in which she called her daughter ungrateful for not wanting to see her. The daughter writes, "A bunch of people started saying that I was being mean to my mom and that she meant well and that she wasn't hurting me."

Apparently, old habits die hard, and the mom turned up once again at her daughter's workplace. This time around, the daughter refused to come out to meet her. But her mom was persistent and attempted to get into the warehouse through the back instead. The daughter explained what happened next: "My boss was done. I was fired."

As a means of retaliation, the daughter logged into Facebook, creating the impression that she was giving her mother a taste of her own social medicine. Then, she tracked down each individual who had criticized her harshly and maintained that her mother did nothing wrong. She walked them through the events that led to her layoff and requested money from them, citing that her mother's actions were the cause of her being fired.

After that, the same individuals who had been critical of the author suddenly shifted their attention to her mother, labeling her as "overbearing" and claiming they were unaware that she was jeopardizing her daughter's job. However, not a single one has contributed financially.

In the end, the author's father reassured his daughter that she does not need to worry about expenses other than her phone bill as long as she is attending school or apprenticing elsewhere. Meanwhile, her mother is constantly phoning and texting her, pleading with her to refrain from telling people that she was the one who got her sacked. The author writes, "I think that I'm in the right for showing everyone who she is. My dad says that he's staying out of it. He said that the way she acts is the reason they got divorced."

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