Man Gives Sister His Pregnant Wife’s Last Favorite Drink From Fridge But Then Refuses to Let Her Buy More of It

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In any close relationship, like marriage, much of the work involves learning how to communicate effectively and resolve disagreements. This can be accomplished by making decisions together and being willing to compromise when necessary. However, as you're about to discover, without open communication and mutual respect, it can be difficult to make decisions that work for both parties involved. 

According to Maria Azzurra Volpe of Newsweek, the topic of marital compromise was recently brought to the forefront in an online post from November 15, in which a husband declined to let his pregnant wife buy more of her new favorite beverage.

Pink Lemonade

The author starts his post by explaining that he and his wife live in the United Kingdom. Recently, they took a vacation and visited Disney with their five-year-old child, where the author's pregnant wife discovered a liking for pink "Minute Maid" lemonade. He wrote that his wife said, "it’s the same as lemonade but 'somehow tastes different.'" Therefore, while they were returning to England, she made a pit stop at a shop in the airport and purchased a few of her new preferred pink beverages to take with her.

However, the author's sister came over to their house one day, and while she was there, she saw a pink lemonade in the refrigerator. She asked her brother if she could have it, and he agreed to give it to her since he remembered that his wife had discovered a website where she could purchase more of them.

But the moment his wife arrived home, she became "very pouty" after learning that her sister-in-law had consumed the last remaining lemonade. The husband expressed his regrets to his wife. Nevertheless, when she asked him if she could purchase some more of it, he changed his tune and stated that it contained an excessive amount of sugar and was also too "expensive."

He reasoned that since they are expecting another child and want to return to Disney next year, saving money is crucial, even with "little purchases" like lemonade.

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