"Narcissistic" Biological Father Is Invited to Daughter's Wedding Despite Mom and Him Having "Bad Blood"

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The desire to maintain a relationship with one's biological parents is innate to the human species, and in most cases, this relationship is based on love and mutual respect for one another. On the other hand, as you are going to discover, there are situations in which a parent may go beyond the bounds of their influence and connection by expressing their expectations about how they would want things to happen during a wedding,

According to Leonie Helm of Newsweek, the topic of weddings and dealing with parental expectations was recently brought to light in an online post from November 22, in which a mother told her daughter she wouldn't attend her wedding if she invited her biological father.

The "Narcissistic" Dad

The author of the post is a woman who tells the story of how her child's father was a "narcissistic" person. She said he would often say hurtful things to the author, making her cry regularly. Eventually, the father abandoned the family when their daughter, whom she referred to as "Mia," was only eight years old. 

Nevertheless, and perhaps to his credit, he maintained a consistent payment of around $1,500 each month for Mia's care while he was away traveling the globe. Mia's mom explained, "Mia would often cry about him missing her birthday." However, according to Mia's mom, he would make it up to her by "sending her consoles and makeup, but it still hurt her that the guy didn't even bother showing up to her Birthday."

The Wedding

Mia is now 22 years old and is planning to tie the knot in the near future. One day, when the mother and daughter were putting together the wedding guest list, the topic of who would lead the bride-to-be down the aisle eventually came up.

However, Mia would continually change the subject of the discussion. But the truth eventually came out, and Mia said that she had decided that she wanted her biological father to be the one to accompany her down the aisle at her wedding.

This revelation did not make Mia's stepfather pleased, and he bemoaned the fact that he had been parenting Mia for many years and that she had made a choice that wasn't "fair" to him. In response, Mia said to him, "my real dad bought me a car, he paid for my surgery, and he even sent me money for a dog."

The stepfather seemed to be in a great deal of distress as he left the home and said that he was heading to the bar. At this point, Mia turned to her mother and apologized. She also acknowledged that although her mom and biological father have "bad blood," she still wants him to be a part of her wedding.

But Mia's mother reportedly wasn't thrilled about it, and she replied by saying that if Mia plans to bring her biological father to the wedding, then she won't allow Mia to have her wedding dress, and she won't attend the wedding either. As a direct consequence of this, Mia broke into tears, and her family is now labeling the mother as "heartless."

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