Biological Son Claims He Was No Longer His Mom’s Kid After She Advocated Inclusion of Her Stepson Into Family for Years

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Blended families come with their own set of complications, which may be difficult to address and resolve. One of the most common challenges is dealing with stepsiblings who may not get along. And as you're about to read, if this issue is not addressed early on, it can lead to resentment and bitterness that can damage family relationships for years to come.

According to Taylor McCloud of Newsweek, the topic of blended family drama was recently brought to light in an online post from November 05, in which a frustrated son decided he wasn't his mom's kid anymore. 

The Stepbrother

The author of the post is a 19-year-old man who revealed that his parents got a divorce when he and his 20-year-old sister were still little. Three years later, their mom remarried a widower who already had a boy who was seven months old. The author explained, "She instantly moved them in and started claiming his son as her own and raising him like us. She got engaged to him and a few weeks before the wedding, our dad died."

After the wedding, their mother informed her late husband's side of the family that they would also have to invite and include her new stepson if they wanted to see her kids. But they had no intention of doing so and made an effort to negotiate to spend time with just the author and his sister by promising to cover any and all expenses incurred from those visits. Except, their mother refused to bend.

Dad's Birthday

The author and his sister celebrated their father's birthday every year after he passed away. But their mother wouldn't even allow her biological children to have that special day to themselves; instead, she insisted that their stepbrother should attend too.

Moreover, their mother pushed them into accepting that they should not see their stepbrother as less worthy of being there simply because he was not their biological brother. She criticized her children as having self-centered attitudes, but the author was dumbfounded and never really clear on why she believed their stepbrother deserved to be there in the first place.


When the author reached 18, he immediately moved out of his mom's house and settled with his girlfriend. He explained, "Once I left home, my stepbrother was no longer invited to anything to do with my dad's family. He no longer saw them. My sister and I also stopped spending any time at mom's house."

After some time, the author and his sister severed all communication ties with their mother. However, the author's mom recently visited him at his place of employment and insisted that they have a discussion. He writes, "She told me how she was tired of one of her kids being left out and how sick was it to discard him that way, and why weren't my sister and I advocating for him?"

After venting his aggravation, he proceeded to tell her that she only had one kid and that child was her stepson. Then, he made a snide comment about wishing her "luck" before instructing her to leave.

His mom later texted to tell him she had always been a good mother to all three of her children and found it hurtful that he would say she only had one child.

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