Mom Who Cares for Three Kids Hears Husband Tell Friend That She Does “Nothing” All Day While He Played a Video Game

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Marriage is a longstanding social institution that is held in high esteem by many cultures and is often seen as a sacred bond between two people who are pledging to spend their lives together. For numerous individuals, marriage represents an important milestone in the journey of life, and it can be seen as a symbol of maturity and stability.

One of the most significant advantages of marriage is the sensation of being cherished. In other words, both spouses in a happy marriage should have the experience of being loved and valued by each other. Unfortunately, when one spouse does not feel appreciated by the other, it may lead to feelings of self-doubt as well as a sense of becoming devalued. According to Leonie Helm of Newsweek, this is precisely what took place to one woman, as detailed in an online post from November 7th.

"I do it for him."

The author of the post is a stay-at-home mom to three young children, aged 3, 6, and 10. She revealed that she takes care of everything for her kids, including getting them ready for school, seeing to their uniforms and hair, preparing their lunches, and other responsibilities, all while also tending to her 3-year-old.

She writes, "Our oldest son does hockey, and our daughter does ballet, they both have practice almost every day. My husband is proud of them. But I am the one who makes sure they are always prepared and on time. I make my family dinner every night. I do all the laundry and cleaning. I wake up early to make my husband breakfast and say goodbye."

However, while her husband and his buddy were playing a video game one night, she overheard him remark, "my wife does nothing all day." She first defended, or at least seemed to justify, his comment by stating in her online post that she counts herself lucky to have him in her life. She continued by noting that he is a dedicated worker who puts in long hours and occasionally is required to travel.

But then she seemed to change her tune and admitted that while she needs him, he also depends on her. She writes, "My husband loves how I take care of myself, but it can be hard to remember myself as a mom. I do it for him." And in the end, while she had assumed that her husband valued her time at home with their children, she was shocked to find out that he did not.

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