Mother-to-Be Has No Plans to Invite Her Cheating Ex to Their Baby's Birth

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Cheating is never a good idea, but it may be extremely hurtful if it takes place when a woman is carrying a child. After all, being pregnant is meant to be a moment filled with happiness and excitement, not betrayal and heartache.

According to Jack Beresford of Newsweek, the topics of infidelity and pregnancy were recently brought to the surface in an online post from November 08, in which a pregnant woman refuses to allow her unfaithful ex to witness the birth of their child.

"I just can't have him with me."

The author of the post is a pregnant woman, due to give birth in December, who is separated from her husband and waiting for her divorce to be finalized. She revealed that the cause of their divorce was that he cheated on her with someone he works with. She explained, "We have been trying for a baby for 3 years, and when I told him that I was finally pregnant, he broke down and confessed. I asked for a divorce, and he moved out. He moved first in with MIL [mother-in-law]. Now he lives with his AP [affair partner]."

Essentially, the mother-to-be doesn't want her unfaithful ex in the room with her when she gives birth. She makes it clear that she is not intending to punish him in any way; rather, the fact that they are no longer a couple is the reason why she does not want him to see her body during labor. She writes, "When we break up with people, we don't usually think it's okay to show our bodies to them, isn't that right? I just can't have him with me."

Meanwhile, the ex is overcome with sorrow. Moreover, she claims that everyone now considers her to be "wicked and evil." She explains, "MIL is the only one supporting me. Probably she is the one I'm having with me. I still haven't decided if I wanted somebody in the delivery room with me, but it would be her if anyone. The father and the rest of the family can wait in the hospital. I don't mind that."

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