Mother Excluded From Her Son’s Wedding for Interfering in His Fiancée’s Personal Life

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A wedding is a joyous occasion that signifies the start of a new chapter in a couple's lives together as a married pair. The lead-up to the big day, on the other hand, may sometimes be filled with tension, particularly in situations in which not everyone is welcome to attend.

According to Jack Beresford of Newsweek, the topic of unwelcome wedding guests was recently brought to light in an online post from November 06, in which an engaged man stood up for his fiancée after his mom interfered with her personal life.

Dad's Not Invited

The author of the post was written by a 34-year-old man engaged to a 29-year-old woman who expresses his love and admiration for her by writing that she is wonderful and that their connection has been beneficial to both of them.

In general, he claims that the process of organizing their wedding has been enjoyable and straightforward. He writes, "We included my mother a lot, for example, my fiancée took her dress shopping. The reason is, that my fiancée has always had a good relationship with my parents, and it grew much closer over the past year after her mother died. They kind of see her as another child, and I know that [my] fiancée appreciates that immensely."

However, the author's fiancée hasn't had an easy time getting along with her own father; thus, their relationship hasn't been as pleasant. Since she was a young girl, he has not been a notably major figure in her life in any way. In addition, the author believes that her father's actions, which he did not elaborate on, were a contributing factor in her bouts of depression and poor self-esteem, both of which required a significant amount of time for her to resolve.

Fortunately, she has made tremendous progress and is pleased with the direction things are heading. As for the author, he's never met her father, so neither of them thought about inviting him.

Mom Doesn't Understand

On the other hand, the author's mother won't comprehend the reason why they won't invite and welcome her dad to their wedding. Due to the fact that the mother is a retired psychologist, she has some familiarity with the concept of "children-parent reunification" and believes that that's what her son's fiancée requires at this time. The author explained, "Fiancée and me both have shut my mum down plenty of times. We both made it clear that this man was not to know anything about my fiancée's life, nor would be welcome anywhere near the wedding."

The author's mother stayed silent for a time about the possibility that the father, whom she has never met, and his daughter should reunite. However, one evening, the author's mom made an announcement over dinner: She did some research on the fiancée's father and then paid him a visit. Then she extended an invitation to him to attend their marriage ceremony.

The author explained, "She seemed so pleased. My family was appalled and angry, they all know what has happened. My fiancée somehow remained calm and told mum how inappropriate that was, how mum hurt my fiancée terribly by stepping over the one boundary she ever had." After, the author announced that his mother was no longer welcome at their wedding.

Since the dinner, his mother has been unable to find any solace and has made a handful of attempts to get in touch with her son. But he won't even speak to her about it.

And now, his fiancée believes that it would be "unsafe" to proceed with the wedding if there was even a remote possibility that her father would attend. They are now weighing their options, one of which is calling off the entire event.

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