Stepmom’s Social Media Post Gets Her Banned From Helping Plan Wedding With Stepdaughter

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Preparing for a wedding can be incredibly stressful, even though it's supposed to be a joyous occasion. There are always difficult choices to make when planning a wedding, whether it's deciding who should be invited, who should pay for what, or how to deal with long-buried family secrets. 

According to Anders Anglesey of Newsweek, the topic of wedding planning drama was recently brought to the forefront in an online post from November 08, in which a bride-to-be learned a painful truth about her stepmom's past.

" hated our stepmom..."

The author of the post is a bride-to-be who disclosed that when she was a child, her father had an affair with her mom's best friend. The two eventually got married when the author was seven years old. At that time, the author was unaware that her stepmother was the "other woman," and she reflects that she did not actually know her that much personally prior to their wedding.

The author explained, "She lived in another city, and apparently, most of my life and all of my sister's life, she and our dad had been sleeping together. This is not something I was aware of as a kid. My sister and I knew we didn't have parents who got along after the divorce, we could sense the tension, once or twice we had an idea mom hated our stepmom, but she never said or did anything directly in front of us."

However, despite the fact that their biological mother detested her, the children did not let this prevent them from developing feelings of affection for their stepmother. Although they learned about the affair when they were older, they didn't let it alter how they felt about her overall. She writes, "We felt so bad for our mom, but our stepmom had always been good to us, and dad was good to us, so we tried not to let it change things."

The Social Media Post

After the author and her fiancé revealed that they were engaged, the author's stepmother shared her thoughts in a post on social media. Notably, the stepmom wrote online how "she dreamed of this day" when the author was born and penned "how she had been so excited to watch her very first baby grow up and get married, how she and dad had talked about" long before the author took her first baby steps.

The author's father was tagged in the post, along with several acquaintances from the stepmom's past who were familiar with her at the time and who were also acquainted with the author's mother. After putting two and two together, the author realized that she was not pleased with the conclusion at all. She explained, "The post was distasteful and honestly was exposing that she had always planned to have the affair. It did change how I felt."

The author contacted her stepmother after she published the post and asked her to delete it. She also demanded an apology. However, the stepmother told her that she didn't feel remorse over the post but still loved her. The author writes, "I accused her of trying to rub it into my mom's face that she had stabbed her in the back and won the love of my sister and me after betraying her with our dad like she did. She told me it was 20 years ago, and mom should be over it."

Even though the stepmom is a wedding planner, the author decided not to involve her in anything wedding-related moving forward. Therefore, when the stepmother reached out and asked when they'd be going dress shopping, the author informed her that her assistance was not wanted.

In the end, the author's stepmother and her father insisted that she was "overreacting" and that the stepmother shouldn't be mistreated like this since she was a wonderful parent to her.

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