Sister-In-Law Wears a White Dress to the Wedding, so the Bride’s Best Friend “Tripped” and Spilled Red Wine on Her

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Weddings are notoriously filled with etiquette landmines, and guests often go to great lengths to avoid offending the bride and groom.

One of the most common taboos is wearing all white, which is traditionally reserved for the bride. While the reasoning behind this rule is unclear, it is generally accepted that white is a symbol of purity and should not be usurped by wedding guests.

And according to Jack Beresford of Newsweek, the subject of this sort of situation was highlighted in a recent Reddit thread from October 1 in which the bride described how her closest friend got revenge on a family member who wore white to her wedding.

Alice is “a total brat.”

The author of the post, a woman of 25, married her 27-year-old spouse approximately three months ago. Alice, the husband's little sister, is 22 years old and is described by her sister-in-law as "a total brat" in her writing.

The author claims that Alice suffered from an illness when she was younger but that she was able to overcome it. However, since her parents took a very permissive approach to raising her, she is incapable of accepting any kind of instruction without making a fuss about it.

As a result of this, Alice has been fired from a number of jobs, she does not have many friends, and she insists on being the center of attention at all times. For instance, when Alice's sister was celebrating her birthday one year, their parents made sure to get her a present in the event that she became envious.

On the other hand, the author did not have a sibling growing up; the closest thing she has to a sisterly figure is her best friend, Marie. They had known one another since the third grade, and since they were both the only kids in their homes, there was an immediate connection between them. To highlight this, the author states, “We are fiercely protective of each other.”

The Big Day

The author reveals that she and her husband came to the conclusion that a summer wedding was the best option for them. And much to her astonishment, Alice appeared at the wedding dressed in a "lacy white dress."

The author said, “If you told me she picked this out of a wedding catalog, I would’ve believed you. Between the wedding and the main reception, we had a cocktail hour. People kept asking me about Alice, and I was becoming visually annoyed. A lot of people thought she was my husband’s ex instead of his sister.”

The author was also aware that her closest friend, Marie, was finding the situation to be aggravating. Marie eventually made her way over to the groom's relatives and introduced herself. And when returning, she "tripped" and collapsed next to Alice, spilling her red wine all over her white dress.

Alice quickly ran to the restroom while her mother followed closely behind. Shortly after, Alice's father approached them and began to insist that Marie leave the reception immediately.

In response, the author explained that “Marie is a lightweight and it was a mistake. Husband backed me up and said that since Marie is thin she can’t handle as much alcohol, but we’d make sure she sobered up before the reception.”

At the reception, Alice was wearing a stunning green dress that she had managed to change into, and Marie was feeling much better. However, ever since the wedding, the in-laws have not stopped discussing the incident. The author, on the other hand, said “I have a hard time feeling bad, even though I know it wasn’t an accident.”

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