When the Wedding Photographer Fell Sick, the Bridesmaid Was Asked to Fill In for Free

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The role of the bridesmaid is one that has been traditionally defined by a set of expectations and responsibilities. From attending pre-wedding events and helping with wedding preparations to standing by the bride on her big day, the bridesmaid is expected to play a supportive role throughout the entire wedding process.

In spite of this, as you're about to read, one bride may have asked the bridesmaid to do too much.

“… I was immediately pretty hurt..”

Jack Beresford of Newsweek reports on a woman who was supposed to serve as a bridesmaid but ended up leaving her friend's big day because she was asked at the last minute to work as an "unpaid" wedding photographer instead.

Before the hired photographer became sick, the woman said she was all set to be one of the bridesmaids at the wedding. However, when the bride, Diedre, found out that there would not be a professional photographer present at the wedding, she approached her friend and requested that she donate the bridesmaid dress she was already wearing to the bride's sister, Ashley.

The downgraded bridesmaid remarked, "Everybody swarmed me and started helping me out of my dress, pulling the rhinestone combs out of my hair, and Diedre took back the bridesmaid gift of the matching Tiffany bracelet we were wearing during the wedding to put on Ashley."

While all this was happening, she was told over and over again by the bride as well as the other bridesmaids that this was by far the superior option. They also thought it was a fantastic idea since the bridal party would have a more unified appearance. The demoted bridesmaid, who stands at a towering 6'1" tall, was the subject of this observation because of her height differential from the rest of the wedding party.

In addition, she said that the bride had assured her that she would be permitted to eat after everybody else finished. And despite the fact that she was confused about where exactly she was meant to sit, she was informed that there was no need for her to take a seat in any case.

She said, "I didn't have time to think. I was immediately pretty hurt by the demand that I be responsible for not only the wedding photography for free, but that everyone was implying that I'd make pictures look weird if I was in them, and that I'd be okay with not having a seat at all or the chance to eat."

As a consequence of this, while the other members of the bridal crew were getting ready, the woman just packed up her belongings and bolted out of there. But after everything was said and done, she questioned whether or not her response was too excessive.

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