Stepbrother Won't Let Younger Stepsister Hang Out in His Room

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“…I basically have to leave my own room…”

According to Newsweek's Alice Gibbs, a 16-year-old boy was reported to have refused to unlock his bedroom door for his 14-year-old stepsister, who is struggling to cope with the effects of a "traumatic" incident that occurred six months ago and is terrified to be by herself.

The teenage boy explained, "We've never been close and since I don't spend much time at my dad's we don't interact much. We would fight sometimes though, because she's always been prone to go into my room and take my things or just spend time there, even when she knew she was not allowed."

Eventually, the door to his room was secured by a lock that his father had fitted so that his younger stepsister would not be able to enter his room. But the fact of the matter is that things have been much worse ever since the teenage girl experienced an undisclosed "traumatic" event earlier this year.

According to the boy, "Ever since what happened to her she has begun to go into my room at random times, usually when both our parents leave for something and we're left alone, and do small talk or she sits on my puff. It’s rather uncomfortable for me, I'm trying to be sympathetic for her, but as I said, we've never been close and to be honest, I'm not used to people just coming into my room and trying to spend time with me."

He went on to describe how his stepsister had entered his room a couple of weeks earlier, sat down, and begun to cry. He said, "I asked what was wrong a few times, but she doesn't answer and I basically have to leave my own room until she finishes. I told my dad about this and he told my step-mom and my step-sister's therapist, my dad promised he'd talk to her too and while this didn't happen as often, it still happened and I was growing tired, so I just started to lock it."

The situation, however, became tenser when the parents left the house one day, and the teenage girl went to her stepbrother's room and knocked on his door. He went on to explain, "I asked again if she needed something and she said no, and again, I said I was busy, then she asked me to please let her in but to be honest, I was really tired and didn't want to have her there sitting and sobbing, so I said no."

The stepmother became angry when she got home and found the girl waiting outside the teenage boy's bedroom. According to him, his stepmom believes that "I should care more for her and that if she knocks I have to open the door for her, always."

He concluded by explaining, "It made me sad because I'm not being rude or anything and my dad asked me to go to my room for the rest of the night and that he'll bring me food over."

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