Man Was So Worried About Losing His Restaurant Job That He Missed the Birth of His First Child.

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For many men, becoming a father is a transformative experience. It can be a time of great joy and pride but also of tremendous responsibility. For fathers, the arrival of a new baby is an opportunity to learn and grow, both as an individual and as part of a family.

The birth of a child represents a new chapter in life that comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. And what you're about to read is the story of a man who faced the challenges and tough decisions of doing the right thing as a parent even before his kid was born.

“..they haven't spoken to me in days…”

Newsweek's Lucy Notarantonio reports that a man didn't see the arrival of his first child because he was so worried about being sacked by his father.

The new dad shared his thoughts on how his own father isn't a kind man. He said, "He owns a pretty nice Italian restaurant that has been run by my family for decades. I've worked there since I was about 15 and I am now head chef. The problem is he treats his employees pretty bad (including me) and if you even miss one shift you get demoted or even worse fired."

At the time, he was in the midst of a particularly chaotic stint at the family restaurant. As luck would have it, it also happened to be the day of the week that saw the most customers come through the door. Meanwhile, his mother-in-law phoned to tell him that his wife had gone into labor and he should hurry to the hospital immediately.

He said, "When I asked my dad if I could go he said 'You can go if you're ok with being unemployed' which I couldn't risk because after the baby was born my wife would be off work for quite a while to be a stay-at-home mom."

He went on to elaborate on why he couldn't just up and go. According to him, there were not enough people working at the restaurant that day. However, when his shift was over, he went directly to the hospital.

He stated, "When I tried calling my mother-in-law she wouldn't pick up so I just kept working and I thought could explain myself later. Later when it was time to go home I drove to the hospital but my mother-in-law and her sisters refused to let me in the room and called me names like 'a bad father and a bad husband.' When it was finally time to leave the hospital my wife and newborn baby went home with my mother-in-law and they haven't spoken to me in days even when I try and apologize and explain myself."

Ultimately, the husband concluded that he was certain that his actions were justified.

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